Friday, 22nd February 2019.

Perfectly planned!


Emma’s job as a Wedding Planner, meant she has planned weddings for other people for many years and had seen bridal couples choose wisely and not so wisely! Emma knew for her shape she preferred something that would suit her curves but also didn’t want something that would become dated. She wanted to be able to look back at her photos in years to come to see that the dress was still classic.

Choosing a gown with lace and also that would be adaptable to have sleeves added was important to Emma, after all, she was getting married in August and you can never know what the great British weather will be like!

From meeting Bridal Consultant (also called Emma!), it was an easy process for Bride Emma! She went on her own for her first visit to the store, as she wanted to make sure her dress was what SHE wanted, not what others thought she should wear or what would suit them! The first dress Emma tried was the one she knew she wanted. She fell in love with it Instantly! It was a Sincerity lace fit and flare gown. She added a matching lace jacket with buttons at the back to complete her look.

The Dress
The Dress


Emma called their wedding the ‘Sunshine’ wedding. The couple’s first gift to one another had been a little Miss Sunshine cup and a Mr Happy cup! They live in North Devon and hail from Cornwall and Berkshire, so they wanted to incorporate the sea, beaches, sunflowers and water.

Emma’s husband is also part Scottish so they included blue thistles and their theme was predominantly Royal Blue and sunflower yellow. Each of the tables was a beach that they visit regularly or had a memory from their childhood. The couple even made the effort to visit each beach and the table names were written in the sand and used on each table, shells from each of these beaches were included in each floral arrangement, created by The Garden Room Goring.

Their signage which was themed with sunflowers and shells was created by friends at Wizard design and print Biddeford, had a retro theme (similar to retro train posters.) Their car was a cream VW camper called Sparky

The Dress
Glasses and Flowers
Holding flowers


The couple booked a quirky venue called The Elephant, which is linked with literature (Wind in the Willows,) and has a quirky historical Indian theme/design which appealed to both of them. Their love for animals meant it was important that the venue would accommodate their dogs, as they were having a minimal ceremony of 4 guests and the dogs as the additional party members.

Seating and Venue
The Venue Indoors
The Dress

The reception space backed onto the garden which they wanted as they had lots of children who would be attending. They had a children’s area with dressing up, colouring, reading, crafts and inflatable instruments so they all enjoyed themselves and did not get bored.

The Dress
The Dress

The food was a delicious hog roast with a variety of additional side dishes and their desert was their four-tiered wedding cake, which was gluten free and vegan and covered in beautiful sunflowers.

The evening reception was at the same venue


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